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FLEXCEL Solutions

Our Technology

Our Technology

The revolutionary technology at the heart of FLEXCEL NX Solutions is the result of many years of expertise in print and materials science – distilled into a decade of dedicated flexo R&D.

Printing technology solutions

We deliver complete integrated solutions, our hard-won ingenuity drives every component. We tackle fundamental issues, search for innovative solutions to long-standing flexo problems. Never afraid to challenge the status quo, we’re happy to ‘do things differently’.

All our innovations are patented – so you won’t get FLEXCEL NX Solutions performance anywhere else. Our technology has played a major role in putting our customers at the forefront of the movement that’s currently transforming flexo. And its benefits are available to your business, now.

Thermal Imaging Layer

Our unique approach to digital flexo platemaking starts with our Thermal Imaging Layer (TIL) film technology – a ground-breaking formulation that allows high resolution and fast imaging, for an unmatched, consistent foundation.

Ultimate flexo plate capability starts here

FLEXCEL NX Patented Process

Our patented process was the first to eliminate oxygen from digital plate exposure and pioneered the introduction of the flat top dot – the rest is game-changing history.

Pixel for pixel reproduction and Flat Top Dots

NX Advantage Technology

Controlling ink transfer for optimum press efficiency and print quality is what we do best. NX Advantage technology enables the most sophisticated and effective plate surface patterning in the industry.

Plate surface patterning for optimized ink transfer

Ultra-Clean Technology

The innovation continues. Expanding the FLEXCEL NX Solutions portfolio to add aqueous processing was made possible by our development of Ultra Clean technology.

Breaking new ground for aqueous flexo platemaking