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How We Work

Our approach is all about relationships. Our FLEXCEL technology may be at the heart of Miraclon, but it’s our people that make it beat.

We work with our customers closely and support them at every step of the print process. In fact, Miraclon is built for such closeness. As a company we’re large enough to lead the field, but still small enough to connect with each of our customers on a personal level. Our leadership team knows every company we work with and many of the people in those companies by name.

The collaborative process starts with asking our customers the right questions. Through our commitment to R&D, we’re then able to apply our pioneering imaging science to create solutions that help them stand out.

But the teamwork doesn’t stop when the product ships. Rather than just reacting to issues as they arise, our Technical Applications team offers customers an on-going supportive partnership, building a rapport that leaves customers feeling part of a flexo community and maximizing the use of our technology to optimize and grow their business.

This closeness underpins all Miraclon’s collaborations. And it’s a foundation that allows our customers, and the brands they work with, to create the very best packaging for billions of consumers worldwide.

“All our people have been working together to change the nature of flexo over the last ten years and our customers are a huge part of that. We work tirelessly, collaborating with partners and pushing the technology bracket all to make sure flexo printers get what they need to excel. It’s a track record people trust and an approach that helps our customers differentiate and as a result, lead.

We’re very proud of that. Flexo will no doubt become the premium production method for printed packaging. That’s great for our customers and frankly really exciting.”

Chris Payne, CEO Miraclon