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A complete, integrated
award-winning solution.


Manage your digital flexo plate imaging with the FLEXCEL NX System. This proven, upgradeable platform arrives on the product floor fully integrated and ready to go.

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Digital flexo plate imaging efficiency

A complete, integrated, award-winning solution
A full portfolio of imager size options
Efficient job layout tools
Plates for all applications
Unique patented technology
Result. Flexo Transformed.

See how to reset the quality-efficiency balance with PureFlexoTM Printing on your FLEXCEL NX System.

Automate advanced platemaking

Complete more jobs in less time, at lower cost. Your new FLEXCEL NX System comes with FLEXCEL NX Central Software, which automates the plate layout process, optimizing and streamlining the delivery of Miraclon’s advanced plate surface patterning. Start maximizing production efficiency. Realize your flexo potential.

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Compare the FLEXCEL NX System options

The FLEXCEL NX System includes imager, laminator, layout software and dedicated imaging and plate materials. It comes in five different configurations and a choice of two plate types, so you set your level of flexibility.

FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 System FLEXCEL NX Wide 4260 / 3548 System FLEXCEL NX Mid / Narrow System
Capable of producing FLEXCEL NX Plates up to a maximum size of 50 x 80 inches, maximize plate-making productivity and minimize waste; accommodate applications with the largest form sizes. Choose from two configurations. Produce plates up to 35 x 48 or 42 x 60 inches for efficient and outstanding print performance accommodating large layouts and effective job planning. Produce FLEXCEL NX Plates up to 45 x 33 inches with a Mid System, and enable  exceptional print performance with a compact footprint and fast imaging speeds. Configuration also available for smaller plate size.



Choose your plate type

Ultra-clean flexo

Add a FLEXCEL NX Ultra Processing System and FLEXCEL NXUH Plates for revolutionary aqueous platemaking that delivers groundbreaking quality and consistency.

FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution