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FLEXCEL Solutions


Patented KODAK FLEXCEL NX Process


Miraclon delivers a significant competitive edge through a fully integrated FLEXCEL NX Solution. At the heart of the product is our patented lamination process – a critical and fundamental step.

Lamination is the process we use to eliminate oxygen from the UV exposure step. It puts the film mask in intimate contact with the plate surface, enables the creation of flat top dots and ensures a faithful 1:1 reproduction process from the digital file to the plate. This provides the foundation for highly predictable platemaking and, as a result, consistent color control in printing.

Flat-top dots

Flat-top dots

Our ground-breaking flat top dot structure solves an inherent problem with traditional digital flexo platemaking technology. The oxygen inhibition during UV exposure normally results in bullet-shaped dots on plates that are prone to surface wear and result in unpredictable inking and printing.

Our flat top dot reduces wear by distributing the loading of ink evenly, reducing the stresses at contact points – even when printing at higher resolution. Printers report plates lasting two-to-five times longer with flat top dot structures.