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For anyone looking to grow their career in a supportive, exciting, positive environment, Miraclon is a place full of opportunity.

As a medium-sized company running a global operation, we’re in a unique position in the industry. We’re small enough that our people all know each other by name, but big enough to make an impact worldwide, with our technology and products defining the leading edge of flexo over the last decade.

There are 350 employees in the Miraclon team right now and we’re growing all the time. In our first year we recruited 60 new people across our sites and we expect that growth to continue. Check out our recruitment page.

Our values

To work here is to feel part of something. Our team shares a spirit, energy and enthusiasm for flexo that comes across in every one-on-one, huddle and town hall.  Our internal culture is built on values of innovation, trust, creativity, collaboration and dependability. Values our employees chose when we founded the company on day one. And values we all work to, today.

“The best thing about being a part of Miraclon is knowing that it’s a people first company. Sure, the bottom line is important, but everyone here is also concerned about the well-being of their colleagues, and the company has things in place to facilitate this.”
Stephen, Canada

Local, global

We have offices in every region of the world, from the US to Belgium, Mexico to Singapore, as well as R&D centers and manufacturing locations in Japan, Oklahoma, Vancouver and Israel. Many of our team travel, work from home or base themselves at multiple offices.

Our leadership team is spread worldwide too, ensuring our key decision makers are on the ground close to our team – and our customers, so we fully understand the markets they’re working in and the challenges and possibilities they’re tackling.

“Working for Miraclon means being part of an exciting journey of growth and transformation. I joined Miraclon only seven months after its birth which gave me a unique opportunity to mold and shape its existence.”
Hedwig, Belgium

Why work here?

Our technology might be the heart of Miraclon but it’s our people that make it beat. We’re all about relationships; with each other, and our customers, so making sure everyone feels heard, supported and empowered drives our People Team every day.

“It’s about being part of the flexo transformation, leading innovation and continuous learning.”
Jaime, Latin America

Our learning and development, recognition and reward programmes are built with personal growth, wellbeing and potential in mind. We pride ourselves on giving our employees what they need to thrive.

We’re always interested to hear from people who’d like to join us, with career opportunities regularly posted across our business. If you think you could be a Miraclon person, get in touch and we’ll point you to the right person in the People Team to help. Alternatively, check out our recruitment page.

“It’s the extraordinary PEOPLE and their passion for the business that makes me love working at Miraclon.”
Kim, United States