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Thermal Imaging Layer
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Thermal Imaging Layer

Our differentiated plate technology starts with a fundamentally different approach to imaging, built on a high-resolution Thermal Imaging Layer (TIL) film that is unique and unmatched.

5 unique features of TIL technology

  • TIL enables the highest resolution in the Graphic Arts Industry
  • TIL requires 3-4 times LESS energy to image than a LAMS layer
  • TIL uses multi thin-layer coating technology on PET to enable totally clean, crisp and consistent thermal ablation for a perfect mask
  • TIL is the only material that can enable the critical lamination process
  • TIL is unique to Miraclon

What TIL means for flexo plates

  • TIL enables true 1:1 image reproduction from file to finished plate
  • TIL enables the fastest digital flexo plate imaging in the industry
  • TIL enables powerful NX Advantage technology
  • TIL enables the total predictability and consistency for which FLEXCEL NX plates have become known
  • TIL enables the simplest flexo plate portfolio in the industry