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PureFlexo Printing gives you a tool to address the issues caused by ever-increasing client demands and challenging specifications which can cause less than optimum production speeds, continual adjustment, more frequent stoppages and the risk of rejected print. By resisting the tendency of ink to spread or build up where it is not wanted, at start-up and throughout the run, you get a wide operational window, allowing peace of mind and efficiencies throughout the value chain: predictable, stable color and visibly cleaner print.



Why PureFlexo Printing?

Boost your bottom line: compound savings from fewer unscheduled press stops each day, reduced downtime and delays, and faster color setups – cutting unnecessary costs.

PureFlexo Printing Savings

What is PureFlexo?

PureFlexo Printing utilizes a patented, highly sophisticated advanced plate surface patterning technology to resist the tendency of ink to spread during printing. The results are visible and measurable, with lower dot gain and significantly reduced ink build up. Built on our expertise in advanced ink control mechanisms, it was designed to make flexo predictable and productive across the value chain. PureFlexo Printing is available only on FLEXCEL NX Systems with a subscription to FLEXCEL NX Print Suite for Flexible Packaging.

Stop unwanted ink spread with PureFlexo PrintingDownload our latest white papers: Unwanted Ink Spread and Improving Efficiency and Quality for Spot Colors
Through our latest plate surface patterning technology, discover how PureFlexo™ Printing addresses the root cause of unwanted ink spread and how the properties of spot color calls for an optimized approach to drive up press efficiency.

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Benefits of PureFlexo Printing

  • Reduce unscheduled press stops due to dirty print.
  • Experience more predictable color.
  • Decrease press-to-proof match issues.
  • Lower the impact of operator and other production changes.

Applications of PureFlexo Printing

PureFlexo Printing is designed and optimized specifically for wide web, solvent ink printing flexible packaging applications. It controls unwanted ink spread for both process and spot color applications. PureFlexo Printing is helping printer converters save tens of thousands of dollars on each press addressing wide web process, screen, and line films in addition to coated and uncoated paper applications. Transform your print production and see the gains: experience savings across the value chain, increase press uptime and unlock machine capacity.

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Manage your digital flexo plate imaging with the FLEXCEL NX System. This proven, upgradeable platform arrives on the product floor fully integrated and ready to go.

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Our Technology

The revolutionary technology at the heart of FLEXCEL NX Solutions is the result of many years of expertise in print and materials science – distilled into a decade of dedicated flexo R&D.

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