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Get to know TIFF Assembler Plus Software 4.3 at your own pace


We can’t wait for you to start seeing the benefits of the new TIFF Assembler Plus (TAP) 4.3 Flexo Edition update. The update brings powerful additions to our core software, saving you time on layout creation and file processing, while making it easier than ever to deliver superior results utilizing our NX Advantage technology. TAP product manager, Alex Bonemeyer, explains how to start making the most of TAP 4.3, without interrupting production.

Alex says:

Your TAP 4.3 license is now site-wide, so you can install the software on any compatible Windows or macOS computer on your network. While you can efficiently customize your workflow and processes, you can also explore our self-guided training resources at your own pace – with no interruption to plate production. The self-guided training is the introduction or refresher you need to ensure you are using all the advanced capabilities and features found within TAP 4.3.

Our handy TAP 4.3 reference sheet of keyboard shortcuts and NX Advantage tags can be posted next to your workstation ensuring operators have the latest commands to efficiently navigate the latest version of TAP efficiently.

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