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drupa 2024: What’s the future of flexographic print technology?


That’s a key question every packaging printer coming to drupa 2024 will be asking. How can you find the answers?

Looking back over the past four years of what feels like constant change – from responding to a global pandemic to managing rising inflation – it’s possible to think some of the brand pressures affecting packaging printers could be starting to fade.

But when it comes to continuity of packaging supply, driving more efficient SKUs and the push towards greater sustainability, brands’ focus hasn’t shifted. Packaging printers will need to continue to be more efficient and more sustainable.

Fortunately, at the same time, new technologies and techniques are driving flexo to a higher standard for packaging printing. Flexo is evolving from its ‘traditional’ capabilities, practices and processes to a new era of what we at Miraclon call modern flexo that is a standardized, sustainable manufacturing process.

We unveiled the elements needed to deliver modern flexo to journalists during the pre-drupa press conference in March. And at the drupa 2024 printing technology fair, taking place in Düsseldorf from May 28 – June 7, we’ll be demonstrating the impact of modern flexo, and the technology and practices printers can use to transform their print process to become consistent, highly capable, efficient and more sustainable.


Real-world results

The best way to understand the impact of modern flexo is to see it in action.

At drupa we’ll be highlighting 12 case studies of printers that have made the modern flexo transformation. Each printer has used FLEXCEL NX technology to change the way they print and realize significant financial and sustainability benefits.

The benefits are quantified, and the case studies cover a range of packaging applications and challenges from around the world. We invite printers to visit the Miraclon stand to learn how implementing modern flexo can help them meet their efficiency, sustainability and quality goals.

“At drupa we’ll be highlighting 12 case studies of printers that have made the modern flexo transformation. Each printer has used FLEXCEL NX technology to…realize significant financial and sustainability benefits.”

Collaboration and innovation focus

At drupa 2024, we’ll also be showing how we work with customers to transform print through education, optimization and tools, focusing on our suite of knowledge-based services.

And we’ll be showcasing nine key new product innovations, all which build on and strengthen our core FLEXCEL NX technology. All innovations bring an enhanced level of consistency or capability that support the transformation to modern flexo. These innovations include:

  • The FLEXCEL NX Ultra 42 Processor: Building on the success of the FLEXCEL NX Ultra 35 processor for narrow-web applications, the new FLEXCEL NX Ultra 42 Processor offers a key proof point for achieving this in a high-volume, low maintenance plate production environment. Our water washable plates offer the same benefits as our solvent processed plates in the transition to modern flexo.
  • Shine LED Lamp Kits: Shine LED Lamp Kits, innovated by Miraclon, are a simple and cost-effective path to UV LED plate exposure that makes an even more consistent flexo plate. Increased plate consistency leads to even greater efficiencies in printing.
  • A preview of next generation FLEXCEL NX Plate and FLEXCEL NX Ultra Plate Technologies: LED optimized plate technology that offers even cleaner printing for greater efficiency and sustainability benefits.

We’re confident we can work with packaging printers to deliver significant benefits with modern flexo. In fact, we guarantee we can demonstrate these benefits to you if you’re making the trip to Düsseldorf for drupa 2024.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.