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Flexo trends and responses in crisis – a global round-up


As the response to the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve around the world, we’ve put together a list of recommended reading and watching from the global flexo and packaging industry to help with your own response and keep you informed.

Like most industries, this is a disorienting time for flexo, adjusting to new working norms in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are experiencing a fall in business; others are trying to keep up production amid concerns for employee safety, while operating from improvised home set-ups. Over the last few months we’ve been hearing from customers, colleagues, peers and connections in all areas of the trade about how they’re coping, what they’ve found useful and what insights they’ve drawn on to help make sense of it all. Here’s a selection of some of the resources, perspectives and tools they shared, from across the flexo community…

1. A flexo printer’s perspective on operating during the response

If you’re seeking advice on operating in the ‘new normal’, this LA Times interview with the CEO of Emerald Packaging, a California-based flexo printer, is a fascinating account of how one company’s Covid-19 response escalated – from initial skepticism to the dilemma of meeting booming demand without risking the health of the team.

Read the interview >

2. How the crisis has accelerated certain trends brands need to meet

The latest Future Consumer Index from EY looks at how Covid-19 is changing consumer behavior, especially how it’s accelerating existing trends. This should be pertinent to any flexo printers supplying FMCG clients, as flexo offers the flexibility and cost-savings these brands will need to deliver. Consumer trends update >

3. Webcast on sustainability during the crisis

Packaging Europe recently ran its first ever live web broadcast, looking at the long-term challenges that sustainability brings to flexible packaging – through the specific lens of Covid-19. Experts from Suez, Flexible Packaging Europe and Dow dialed in to discuss running global teams while everyone’s working remotely; the immediate challenges of production; and long-term changes to supply and demand. Watch the webcast >

4. Lessons from the past and current trends from AV Flexologic

This report from AV Flexologic offers welcome clarity on the impact of the pandemic on flexo – from everyday working life to broader industry trends, including boosting demand for packaged food and e-commerce. It also adds some interesting context, recalling how we responded to the challenges of 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash. AV Flexologic report > 

5. Flexotech magazine profile the changes UK companies have made

For an insightful snapshot of how one country’s flexo community is responding to the unfolding crisis, Flexotech magazine has compiled this run-down of the changes introduced by flexo companies in the UK, whether it’s teams eating lunch in their cars, or the wisdom of taking one day at a time. Flexotech magazine profiles >

6. MPS in Asia help with servicing needs

MPS has adapted its regular blog series to cover useful Covid-19-related subjects, such as how to service machines in a time of crisis. It’s an inspiring and open approach. A good place to start is with MPS Asia, in Malaysia, who break down how they’re retaining the quality of their service for customers. MPS Asia blog >

7. A summary of the impacts packaging has seen

This video from Mintel, on how the packaging industry is adapting to Covid-19, is refreshing in its focus on the new opportunities presented by the changing business reality. It points out that the pandemic offers retailers, brands and package manufacturers a chance to reinforce the value of packaging. Watch the overview >

Industry is responding and taking opportunities

The message from across the industry is that while we face obvious challenges, and we’re having to very quickly acclimatize to new ways of working, there are still plenty of opportunities for flexo, and the flexibility and cost benefits it offers. There’s no better reason to continue to explore and share the full potential of flexo – together.  Stay Safe.