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Achieve the renowned and proven print performance enabled by the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System, with the added benefits of solvent-free and VOC-free platemaking.

Find out how we created a game-changing flexo solution.


The FLEXCEL NX System transformed flexo printing. Now the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution takes that transformation further, harnessing the print production efficiency and design freedom enabled by FLEXCEL NX Plates in a low-impact, game-changing platemaking process. 

Clean and consistent

FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution is fast, clean and consistent. The standards of flexographic platemaking have been well and truly raised. With the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution you have the ability to prepare a high-performance, press-ready plate in less than an hour in a solvent-free and VOC-free space.

End-to-end technology

The FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution pairs the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Processing System  and revolutionary FLEXCEL NX Ultra Plates with the established and proven FLEXCEL NX System. The combination is an optimized, end-to-end flexo platemaking solution.

The patented KODAK Ultra Clean Technology behind  the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution makes water-based platemaking a reality for high-performance, industry-leading flexo.

News and stories

FLEXCEL NX Ultra receives FTA award

Miraclon receives FTA Technical Innovation Award for KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution featuring KODAK Ultra Clean Technology