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Labels and Narrow Web

A Simple Choice to Enhance Label Printing

As a label printer you are faced with multiple challenges every day: increased short runs with focus on trimming setup and makeready times, better press utilization rates with reductions in downtime, and improvements in waste reduction. Miraclon understands these issues and has developed highly sophisticated plate surface patterning technology to improve ink transfer. The results are measurable with higher solid ink density, faster set up times, and more latitude on press in a range of conditions.

FLEXCEL NX Print Suite for Narrow Web provides a simple way for FLEXCEL NX System users to improve the quality and performance of printing for labels and other narrow web applications.

Label printing with UV Choice Printing for UV inks

UV Choice Printing (available through FLEXCEL NX Print Suite for Narrow Web) leverages more than a decade of Miraclon research and development in patented advanced plate surface patterning technologies specifically tailored to deliver better UV performance on a range of substrates including foils and uncoated and coated labels. UV Choice Printing delivers these efficiencies:

  • Optimize ink transfer of UV inks and deliver up to 15% higher solid ink density with smoother solid ink laydown
  • Come up to color faster with 5-20% faster press setup times
  • Plate imaging is 2X faster than without patterning

See the difference with UV Choice Printing

UV Choice Printing for labels and narrow web printers

Download the UV Choice Flyer

Label Printing with Water Based Inks

For water-based ink applications, Flexcel NX Print Suite for Narrow Web can now take advantage of multi award-winning PureFlexo™ Printing to control unwanted ink spread. Already proven in solvent ink on film applications, PureFlexo Printing is now available to reduce press stoppages and cleaning and enable better quality for paperboard applications such as tags, labels, folding cartons, and disposables. Read more about PureFlexo Printing.