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Labels and Narrow Web

Flexo plates that drive savings on label and narrow web printing

For label and narrow-web applications, companies are realizing tangible benefits from using KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions.

At T&L, the FLEXCEL NX System has helped generate major savings:
“We’ve immediately seen a significant reduction, 50%+, in make-ready times as well as set-up materials. For instance, a process & spot color run before using the FLEXCEL NX System was taking one hour. Now, it’s down to 30 minutes or less.

“When it comes to color consistency, the results are phenomenal. It’s so good, in fact, that we have been able to go to a lower volume anilox and had to cut pigment load in our inks due to greater density delivered on press.”
Greg Galeles, T&L (Tape and Label) Graphic Systems.

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Go green and clean

International Gaming Technology (IGT) use KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Plates to print demanding graphics on high volume game tickets, and support their environmental initiative.

Watch their story.

Find out more about the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution used by IGT.

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Labels and Narrow Web

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