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“With PureFlexo™ Printing, we consistently observe and measure on-press benefits with reduced unwanted ink spread on the final prints, resulting in lower gain and less unscheduled press stops for cleaning.”

– – Dennis Schenfisch, Research & Development/ Technical Support, Flex-Punkt, Germany

PureFlexo™ Printing is allowing us to achieve better press latitude and efficiency. It has also made it easier to implement several complimentary process changes, for example the ability to use softer tape, to further raise our print consistency and capabilities to continue our growth in the flexible packaging printing market”

– Reece Young, Prepress Manager, Perfection Packaging, Australia

PureFlexo™ Printing is a game-changer for flexo printing. Our customers are seeing up to 8% reduction in unwanted ink spread on press, and since jobs are coming up to color 20% faster, the press operators are not needing to over impress, giving broader press latitude and increasing plate life – by up to 25%”

– Tristan Zafra, Trisoft, USA

PureFlexo Printing from Miraclon enables a wider operating window on press, increasing print latitude at all quality levels for wide web, solvent ink, flexible packaging applications.

Transform your print production and see the gains: experience savings across the value chain, increase press uptime and unlock machine capacity. Built on our rigorous research into highly controlled ink transfer mechanisms, PureFlexo Printing gives unprecedented control over the unwanted inkspread that lies at the heart of common print issues.

Download the white paper on overcoming unwanted ink spread — how tackling flexo’s fundamental issue improves on-press efficiency and packaging quality

Make your Flexo PureFlexo™ Printing:

  • Reduce unscheduled press stops due to dirty print.
  • Experience more predictable color.
  • Decrease press-to-proof match issues.
  • Lower the impact of operator and other production changes.

PureFlexo Printing & Print Suite Brochures

Gain access to PureFlexo™ Printing through KODAK FLEXCEL NX Print Suite, the new platform for print enhancing features for the FLEXCEL NX System. Experience cleaner print, stable color and a better bottom line for your business.

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Manage your digital flexo plate imaging with the FLEXCEL NX System. This proven, upgradeable platform arrives on the product floor fully integrated and ready to go.

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Our Technology

The revolutionary technology at the heart of KODAK FLEXCEL NX Solutions is the result of many years of expertise in print and materials science – distilled into a decade of dedicated flexo R&D.

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