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Our Kodak Connection

Miraclon is a standalone company formed from Kodak’s former flexographic packaging division.

For over a decade our team at Kodak worked closely with customers to transform the flexo industry and create best in class packaging print. And that work continues at pace, here at Miraclon.

Miraclon is the home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions and the only Kodak presence in the flexo space. Miraclon is fully owned today by Montagu Private Equity.

The future of flexo

In 2018, as part of Kodak, we celebrated a decade in the flexo space. That’s ten years since our revolutionary KODAK FLEXCEL NX System made its debut at Drupa. Ten years of pushing flexographic printing past its traditional performance limits and offering people better packaging.

In that time, our technology has played a key role in revitalizing an established print process and bringing levels of consistency, efficiency and quality that were previously unimaginable for flexo.

Today, Miraclon takes everything we established as Kodak’s flexo division and pushes it further.

Same global team. Same skills. Same insight and industry knowledge behind us. More flexibility, focus and ambition than ever.

We’re proud to have the collaborations, innovative imaging science and industry insight we developed at Kodak to our name. Moving forward, we continue to develop and manufacture products that define the cutting edge of the industry – all carrying the well-known Kodak brand, all invented and sold by Miraclon

And we’re even more proud of what we’re achieving as Miraclon, fully focused on flexo and working with our customers and industry partners to push the boundaries of what this incredible industry can do.