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  1. Place orders by October 23rd to avoid interruptions in supply
  2. Sign up for the new Miraclon Partner Portal – for for ordering products and placing service requests on line
  3. Update banking information for Miraclon invoice payments

At Miraclon we’ve always been focused on growth. How to deliver the best for our customers and keep pushing flexo forwards. Which is why, in addition to investments in product development, manufacturing capacity and hiring new people, we’re implementing a completely new ‘back office’ system.

Our new ERP system comes online shortly and will allow us to take the final steps in separating from Kodak systems and becoming a truly standalone company, fully focused on flexo.

This web page will be updated regularly. Be sure to bookmark it and share with others in your company.

One-time impact to delivery dates

When we switch to our new ERP system there will be a period when we are unable to make shipments. We want to ensure that we can build a plan to minimize the amount of disruption for every customer.

Our updated ‘go live’ date for our new ERP system is November 5th.

In preparation for this date:

Please plan to place orders by Friday, October 23 (via our Customer Care team or online on the Kodak Partner Portal) in order to meet our last scheduled shipping days. Your orders will ship the following week according to your regular shipment schedule.

For orders placed after October 23, regular scheduled shipments will resume starting Thursday November 5.

We can accept new orders at any time during the cutover period.

We ask that you review your inventory levels now and plan ahead.
If you have concerns, or need special arrangements, please contact your Miraclon account manager or our Customer Care team.

If for any reason these dates change, we will notify you immediately. We are working to a detailed cutover plan, but as you know, in these uncertain times, unforeseen circumstances can occasionally occur.


Warehouse move from Columbus to Memphis

As part of our plans for growth, we’re investing in a new warehouse in Memphis, TN. This new facility replaces our warehouse in Columbus, GA. The move is already underway. The change will be invisible to most of our customers.

New online portal

We’re getting ready to launch the Miraclon Partner Portal. It’s a new, modern storefront with a great user interface.

If you currently use Kodak Partner Place to place online orders for consumables from Miraclon, or place service calls for KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions (eg FLEXCEL NX System, Tiff Assembler Plus) you will need to sign up for the new portal.

Once we launch the new portal you will not be able to place orders for Miraclon products via the Kodak portal.

Miraclon Partner Portal is scheduled to be available from Wednesday, November 4

Get signed up today. Request an account.

If you have already signed up, you will receive your login credentials by email as soon as the new site is live.

Invoices and payments

As we migrate to new systems you’ll notice that your order confirmations and invoices look a little different. All the info you need – just in a simpler, cleaner layout. We’re also taking the opportunity to move to paperless billing and electronic payments. It’s much better for the environment, and healthier too.

Our team will be reaching out to your accounts payable department to make sure we have all your details correct.

Starting in November, we are transitioning our banking in the US and Canada to Bank of America only. Please update your systems to ensure our banking details are correct.

Bank of America – US

Bank of America – Canada

Questions: please contact our Miraclon Credit team at

What’s NOT changing?

  • No change to your customer number
  • No change to your contract pricing and terms
  • No change to the products you purchase from us

Any questions ?

Our Customer Care and Service Coordinator team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. USC Customer Care

Thank you

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we make the changes needed to better serve you in the future. Your business and partnership means a lot to us.

Getting a new ERP system up and running is a big task. Throw a pandemic into the mix and its even bigger. We’ve been working hard to make sure everything is in place and the impact on you, our customers, is minimal. But as with any big change, bumps along the way can happen. We ask in advance for your understanding if any glitches occur as we move through the transition.