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The Plate in 2021: news and views for the flexo community


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At the start of the year, The Plate, like many in the flexo industry, was focusing on the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic; we canvassed the views from within and outside Miraclon on how printers and prepress houses could prepare for the uncertainties of the year head. As always, it’s been a pleasure to share stories of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System in action across the globe, showing how companies have managed the impacts of the pandemic and are breaking new ground for flexo.

Later in the year, we turned our attention to flexo innovation that provides genuine benefits to industry partners, and were celebrating examples of print transformation from across the flexo community in October, as the winners of the Global Flexo Innovation Awards were announced.

The Flexcel NX System in action

The Plate often features stories of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System in action from our customers and partners around the world: it could be a story of how PureFlexo Printing is helping take high quality, efficient printing up to new levels of productivity in California; the story behind the ambitious conversion of over 500 jobs to extended color gamut flexo printing in Uruguay – which won the first-ever platinum Global Flexo Innovation Award; how fast-turnaround and consistency is making performance prepress accessible to any brand in India; or the reasons behind an expansion in corrugated print business for one flexo business in Spain. Read these FLEXCEL NX stories and more.

Labels on film

We’re often sharing videos of the latest views and developments in flexo and the FLEXCEL NX System. Watch the team at Dion Label in the USA talk about switching to the ground-breaking FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution.

How we innovate

Early in 2021, ahead of the launch of PureFlexo Printing for flexible packaging we spoke to key figures in Miraclon’s research and development team to find out about how we approach new innovations and solutions.

#GFIATrends: what the judges learnt from the diverse entries in this unique awards programme

Four of the judges in the Global Flexo Innovation Awards told us about the industry trends they saw as they finalised the winners in the Global Flexo Innovation Awards.