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Miraclon: Taking Flexo even further


Chris Payne, Miraclon’s CEO, lifts the lid on the new standalone company bringing KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions to life…

Q: What is Miraclon and what do you do?
A: Miraclon is the power that will enable KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions to shine. Anyone who’s encountered the Kodak brand in the flexo industry in the past ten years – most likely in the form of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System – will know it for pushing the limits of what flexo products and processes can do in the hands of our customers. But with the resources, commitment and focus we’ve got as Miraclon, I’m certain we’re just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of how far the technology can go.

And it’s not just about resources. It’s also about listening to what the printers want from our technology. That’s how we ensure we’re investing in the right places. We’ve deliberately kept Miraclon small and nimble, so we can respond to our customers’ needs and make sure we’re always innovating in ways that enable them to succeed.

I’ve got nothing but confidence in the future of flexo. And as Miraclon, we have a major role to play in shaping that future. So I expect FLEXCEL’s hard-won reputation to get even stronger.

Q: What impact will the move from Kodak to Miraclon have on your customers and the industry in general?
A: Everyone can expect the best of what was there before. Only better. As Miraclon, we’re able to be more agile and more focused, and we can channel more resources into making flexo technology even more innovative. So the key difference, really, is how far we can take all this.

Otherwise everything will feel very familiar. I was president of Kodak’s Flexographic Packaging Division for three years, and my team here is the same team that developed that business. So customers will be on the phone to the same people, seeing the same brand, and working with the same products. And that ‘can-do’ spirit will be the same too. It’s just that everything will be cranked up to a new level.

Q: What’s your first priority as CEO of the new company?
A: My number one priority is always the customer. That may sound clichéd, but it’s true: a company is nothing if it’s not listening to what its customers need, and committed to developing ways to give that to them. Our team at Kodak knew that. That’s why Kodak has such a great reputation for leading flexo. My job is to build on that, by ensuring that everyone, from our own team to our suppliers, is putting our customers first.

Q: And finally, how do you feel about the future of flexo?
A: I’m convinced flexo is set to become the premium method for producing printed packaging. At Miraclon we’re pouring resources into finding new ways to improve print quality and production efficiency. That means great things for our customers. And for me personally, it’s all hugely exciting.