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Five things you don’t yet know about Miraclon


We’re a brand new company, with a brand new name. But while the products we make and the services we offer – as well as the teams behind our innovations and approach – remain the same, there’s still a lot to learn about Miraclon. With that in mind, here are five facts about our company that will give you a better idea of where it’s from, and where it’s headed.

1. Our name has meaning.
Our company name, was born from two words blended together: ‘miraculous’ and ‘clone’. Why? The answer’s simple. It all stems from our mission. Our KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions stand out thanks to the innovative, industry-leading technology that shape them, continually helping our customers push the boundaries of flexo in extraordinary, or miraculous ways. And in the flexographic printing industry there’s one thing we’re all striving for.  Perfect reproduction, or a ‘clone’ copy. So Mira-clon. Simple really.

2. Flexo really is at our heart.
The ‘C’ and ‘O’ in ‘Miraclon’ mimic flexo plates in action – a visual representation of the technology at the heart of our company. Then there’s the color. Combining Kodak’s iconic red and yellow, Miraclon’s orange literally blends the best of what we bring from Kodak in a new, dynamic framing. Kodak’s heritage and reputation and customer trust into our new independent focus, momentum and agility. Find out more about the making of our identity.

3. We work on the ground.
Our operation is a global one, because packaging printing is a global business. With 300 employees worldwide and revenues in excess of 100 million euros, we operate in every single region in the world. From Brussels, Belgium and Rochester, USA, to Yamanashi, Japan, Guadalajara, Mexico and Singapore, our team is spread far and wide. No site is more important than the other. Everyone in our team is exactly where they need to be, on the ground and close to our customers, while still connected to each other. Even our leadership team is spread out across our sites, so they understand each markets’ specific landscape and challenges as well as our customers do.

4. We don’t need oxygen.
Well not in our plate-making anyway. In order to optimize the stability and consistency of the dots, we completely eliminated oxygen from our plate exposure process. FLEXCEL NX plates use a unique, lamination process along with high resolution imaging devices commonly used in the offset industry and high resolution thermal imaging layers to create higher performing plates than traditional flexo processes. All our innovations are patented too, and Miraclon is the only place you can get them. Which means when you use KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions you’ll be printing more efficiently, more consistently and at a higher quality than your competitors can provide.

5. Flexo is the future.
“If you look back at the last ten years, Kodak technology has been transforming the flexo industry,” said our CEO Chris Payne in a recent interview. Traditionally, flexo printing was a craft-based process. Thanks to our KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, it’s becoming an automated manufacturing process, which ultimately gives our customers the edge and even opens up possible new print markets. We’re leading the way in the industry, but according to Chris, we’re far from done. “Our journey has only just begun,” he says. “There are many things that we’re working on within our business that will push the boundaries of packaging printing. The consistency and quality of flexo stands absolutely equal to other technologies and in many cases, can and will supersede them.”