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NX Advantage Technology


KODAK NX Advantage Technology

Enabling effective and even ink transfer for flexo has been key to the R&D behind FLEXCEL NX technology

Maximize color

Efficient and controlled ink transfer is the key to enabling outstanding print quality. It maximizes the color gamut and achieves great tonal range; all while your presses run at high speeds with minimal stoppages.

Ink transfer transformed

Traditionally, flexo was unable to achieve smooth pinhole-free ink laydown, at maximum color and efficient ink use. Our digitally applied, micro surface texturization of flexo plates solves this, transforming flexo ink transfer.

Expertly-engineered NX Advantage patterns also play a crucial role in controlling ink flow at the edge of objects, key to reducing printing impression, and can be tailored to specific applications.

Download the free Effective Ink Transfer whitepaper >

Find your edge

Advanced plate surface patterning, enabled by the unique imaging and reproduction capabilities of the FLEXCEL NX System, allows printers to ‘customize’ the printing characteristics of a FLEXCEL NX Plate. Optimize plates  for their specific application and find the ‘sweet spot’ of the print process.

It’s an approach that not only opens up the achievable color gamut but deliver better print contrast, improved tonal range, smooth solids, brighter colors and crisp text.

Download the free Conquering Edge Definition whitepaper to discover how flexible packaging achieves unrivalled on-shelf impact >

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