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The proven print performance of a FLEXCEL NX Plate with ultra-clean, high-speed platemaking.

FLEXCEL NXUH Plates seamlessly transfer ink to label, paperboard and films; you get ultra-performance from plates imaged in a solvent-free, VOC-free aqueous solution. Use KODAK NX Advantage technology at the heart of the FLEXCEL NX System to customize plate production for different applications.

The versatility of FLEXCEL NXUH Plates extends to your choice of ink: water-based, solvent-based, UV-cured and EB-cured inks.

Complete performance

The unrivalled performance of FLEXCEL NXUH Plates comes from the combination of our FLEXCEL NX Thermal Imaging Layer, unique imaging technology and lamination: the combination provides high-resolution imagery on the plate, with 1:1 dot replication, and stable, predictable ink transfer.

Plates come as a kit, with equal quantities of FLEXCEL NX Thermal Imaging Layer and FLEXCEL NXUH Plates: add your creativity and execution skill to create a new standard in flexo print.