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Prepress Specialist

Flexo platemaking that drives growth through consistency

Our FLEXCEL Solutions help you stand out from the crowd. Core differentiated technology that you can build upon. Consistent, cost-effective, high-quality plate production that drives your growth.

FLEXCEL NX plate technology was the starting point for an amazing success story for Repro Busek:
“Since switching to FLEXCEL NX, we can safely assume that we’ll achieve the same high quality every time, no matter how many reprints we produce.

“For instance, once we’ve made a particular plate at Schawk Munich, we can make that same plate again without any problem in Budapest…. That’s a huge benefit that is highly valued by our customers.” Gyula Marlok, Managing Director of Repro Busek and Schawk Hungary Kft

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Open new doors

The FLEXCEL NX System delivers valuable differentiation that supports growth for prepress operations.

For Steurs, the FLEXCEL NX System has put aside doubts about quality and consistency:
“It’s accepted that flexo has advantages over offset and gravure: lower cost, greater flexibility as regards substrates, and shorter lead times — and these are all important to brands and their printers. But in the past doubts about print quality and consistency outweighed them — things like lower densities and flexo edges.

“That changed when Flexcel NX arrived on the scene, and in the last decade flexo has come on leaps and bounds.” Dirk Cantens, General Manager, Steurs.

Read more about flexo quality at Steurs.

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