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End of Service Life (EoSL) for DEGRAF/G&J Plate Line Equipment


November 2021: This announcement applies to the following countries:

Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, United States of America, Canada, Israel, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, U.A.E, Spain, Indonesia, PR China, India.

The time has come to announce the end of support for several equipment models of the DEGRAF/G&J Plate line equipment portfolio.

Please note that there is no change to Miraclon’s technical application support because of this equipment discontinuance.


Key Dates:

Service Orders:

15 March 2022 – The last date to place orders for maintenance and spare parts.

End of Support:

30 April 2022 – The last date to receive service support. Service contract coverage will end as of this date.


If you have any further questions, please contact your local Miraclon representative for more information about this topic.




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