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Reminder End of Service (EOSL) support for KODAK THERMOFLEX Flexographic Platesetter


December 2019: As was previously communicated in March 2019, the end of support is coming soon for several models of the KODAK THERMOFLEX Flexographic Platesetter portfolio.

The following product models will be discontinued:
KODAK THERMOFLEX WIDE 3648, 5067, 5280 Flexographic Platesetter (F,V)
KODAK THERMOFLEX WIDE I 3648, 4260, 5280 Platesetter (F)
KODAK THERMOFLEX WIDE II 3648, 4260, 5280 Platesetter (F,V)

Active service contracts will be amended to address this change. Any last-time orders for maintenance or spare parts should be placed by 15 November 2019. We cannot accept any returns on parts after that date. You will be notified if we cannot fulfill orders.

The last date to receive service and support, including under the terms of a service contract, is 30 December 2019.

This announcement applies to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Download End of Service (EOSL) Support for KODAK THERMOFLEX Flexographic Platesetter product notification: