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The current Covid-19 crisis is making life challenging for our partners, colleagues, families and friends worldwide.

We’re doing everything we can to help.At Miraclon we’re working together to navigate a path through the crisis. We’re adapting our working practices and putting measures in place to support our customers and employees during this difficult time.

Our customers

The way we all work and the pressures on our businesses have changed overnight. For flexo print providers this means an increase in demand for services. In order to support and reassure our customers we’re focused on adding significant stock to our local warehouses and increasing production of FLEXCEL NX product lines in our factories so that we are in the best possible position to provide an uninterrupted supply of products where and when it’s needed.

Alongside this, our technical teams remain mobilized to offer the support needed to keep our customers print systems running smoothly. We’re providing remote equipment support through secure device access, and our technical application specialists are ready to diagnose and resolve any issues over the phone, through video conference and with the sharing of materials digitally. We’ve arranged to staff our technical centers with a minimal crew to ensure they have access to further equipment and diagnostic tools if required and have arranged to courier samples for further evaluation if needed.

Customers can contact us at any time for advice and support and we’ll continue to assist the situation and update our provision accordingly.

Europe, Africa and Middle East:

Latin America:                            

North America:                           



Our employees

Whether homeworking, isolating or coping with illness, these are unprecedented times of change and uncertainty for all of us. Our people make us who we are and we’re completely committed to making sure they can take the time they need to respond to the crisis and the impact it’s having for them, professionally and personally.

From emphasizing hygiene and social distancing on the factory floor, to setting up the systems and processes to enable homeworking and adjusted office hours where necessary, from minimizing business travel and screening any office visitors to protect our employees from exposure, to setting up protocol and support for sick leave and isolation should it be required, our thoughts are first and foremost with the health and safety of the people we work with.

Our industry

We love the flexo community and our partners and friends within it, and we understand how hard it is to see events, launches, showcases and conferences postponed. However, we also know how important it is to minimize the spread of infection and fully support any decisions industry bodies or partners make to postpone events which pose that risk. These are unprecedented times, with our attention focused elsewhere. However, we all need a break every now and again to remind ourselves of what’s happening in the industry and to read good news stories and insights. Sign up to The Plate to stay up-to-date and connected in the weeks and months to come.

Miraclon: Statement of Product Supply and Support to Critical Sector of Food Packaging

Miraclon is a provider of flexographic printing plates and equipment used in the production of printed packaging for food, beverage, healthcare and other consumer products.  Miraclon is a global company. In countries and jurisdictions where ‘stay at home’ mandates are in force, Miraclon is operating consistent with guidelines for ‘essential businesses’.

Click here for examples of governmental responses and essential business definitions that pertain to Miraclon.

Miraclon Employee Invitation and Declaration Form

Here is example of customer invitation letter which provides travel details for government officials and assurances that they are in compliance with local laws and recommendations. All items in this example meet our minimal requirement for our employee to travel to customer facility. If a customer has their own form, they are free to use, but it must contain all information in our example. Miraclon Employee Invitation and Declaration Form