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MPS and Imageworx host event that shows transforming Flexo together in action


At the grand opening of MPS and Imageworx’s new technology center, the industry saw firsthand what we can achieve through collaboration…

At Miraclon, we talk a lot about the concept of transforming flexo together. It’s not just a strapline. This was ably demonstrated at the recent grand opening of the North American Technology & Expertise Center, in Levittown, Philadelphia – the striking new home of Miraclon client Imageworx and its partnering tenant, MPS.

Around 130 suppliers and converters, prospects and press gathered at the center, which serves both as a trade shop and live demo facility, to get a close-up look at MPS’s new EF SYMJET press, running FLEXCEL NX plates.

For Miraclon, it was a chance to show how the transformation of flexo really is a team sport: by offering our innovation in collaboration with other partners we create more effective, more efficient, higher quality flexo packaging – because we push each other to excel.

But the real power came in seeing how this message landed with current and prospective customers.

“People were very excited to see it,” says Michele Laird-Williams, Miraclon’s marketing manager, who watched people’s reactions to the MPS press demo. “They saw how it’s a case of just putting plates on press and quickly getting to registration to start producing live work. The quality, color and repeatability – people found it exceptional. The real takeaway was that, when you partner with other innovative providers, everybody’s quality goes up. The entire output improves.”

The event also featured talks from Imageworx owner, Jerry Toepher, and Atze Bosma, who spoke of how his new role as MPS CEO showed him the power of label print. Meanwhile Miraclon impressed with the holistic nature of flexo printing, and how FLEXCEL technology can even add extra security features to protect brands from counterfeiting.

“We wanted to stress that, while it was a press manufacturer’s event, the plate is where the rubber meets the road,” says Michele. “If you put the wrong tires on a car, that’s going to impact how the car drives and performs.”