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Miraclon announces global price increase on all consumables


Miraclon has announced a global price increase of 5% on all consumables, effective November 1st, 2022. The unprecedented inflation of the costs of raw material, utilities and labor, finance charges and business services felt by the industry globally have necessitated the increase to alleviate these rapidly increasing costs also experienced by Miraclon.

“Securing supply for our customers and continuing development of innovative technology that can help them meet the demands of their clients while countering price pressures remain our top priorities,” comments Chris Payne, Miraclon CEO. “Unfortunately, price increases to alle-viate rapidly increasing procurement and energy costs are becoming a routine part of busi-ness for most companies, with no sign of relief in the foreseeable future. We are doing every-thing we can to drive internal efficiencies that mitigate the effects on our customers and are working with them to help pass these unavoidable increases on through the value chain.”

Miraclon’s online resource page provides updated information to help customers navigate the current industry challenges.