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KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions technical team awarded FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification from FTA


Rochester, New York, Thursday, May 02, 2019 —

During 2018, Miraclon’s entire Flexographic US&C Technical Applications Group, as well as three members of the Global Product Support team, achieved FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification through training provided by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA). The team at Miraclon, the new company formed by the recent sale of Kodak’s Flexographic business, are putting their new skills into practice as they help flexographers extract maximum value from their KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates in North America.

For more than 20 years, FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances) has helped flexo printers take their processes to the next level by providing the procedures and methodologies necessary to produce high-quality and consistent results, pressrun after pressrun.

Joe Tuccitto, Director of Education, FTA commented; “FIRST is a set of specifications that has proven its weight in advancing flexographic print quality to rival other package printing process. The FIRSTInduvial Certification Programs assist flexographic print professionals in complying with thespecifications. We at the FTA are proud that Miraclon has joined the ranks of these professionals in continuing to push the quality levels of the flexographic industry to new heights.”

Over the past 10 years, the FTA has developed state-of-the-art online, individual certification programs to help companies apply FIRST methodology. Those who carry a FIRST Individual Certification are more capable and able flexographers who can bring improvements, consistency and real results to any workflow.

FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification yields experts in flexographic printing support, consultation and communication, who are proficient in communicating the principles and practices of FIRST. Level III demonstrates how to apply the science of FIRST methodology by running to the numbers to control the process. It ensures every learner has the right tools to consistently and effectively communicate FIRST throughout the entire workflow.

Chris Payne, CEO, Miraclon said, “With our KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions we have established a track record of technical innovation in the flexo space that drives growth and business success for our customers. At Miraclon, we are honored to have such a dedicated team of skilled employees and to achieve this FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification is a very proud moment for us. The FTA continue to consistently excel in their standards for the flexo industry.”

About Miraclon

KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions have helped transform flexographic printing over the last decade. Now brought to life by Miraclon, KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions – including the industry-leading FLEXCEL NX System – give customers higher quality, improved cost efficiency, better productivity and best-in-class results. With a focus on pioneering image science, innovation, and collaboration with industry partners and customers, Miraclon is committed to the future of flexo and is positioned to lead the charge. Find out more at  Follow us on twitter @kodakflexcel and connect with us on Linkedin; Miraclon Corporation.