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Remote audits: support when you need it


Remote audits mean we can always reach you to resolve process and plate issues, and optimize your FLEXCEL NX System when on-site audits aren’t possible. Carlos Alejandro Moraga Diaz and Nicolas Castrataro in the Technical Support team have looked at all the many benefits they’ve discovered from remote audits and how to prepare to get the most from the process.

During the pandemic we’ve all learned new ways of working remotely, out of necessity. While businesses are gradually opening in some regions, we’ll continue to bring you remote audits to save you time and help your business run more efficiently. Here’s what to expect from a remote audit, and how to get the most out of it.

Optimize press performance with process and plate audits

The remote audit has become a key and fundamental tool for Miraclon in this time of travel restrictions, without a doubt. While our support preference is being face-to-face with out customers, we have successfully adapted to provide support remotely when necessary.

Process audits are very important for the FLEXCEL NX System, for optimization and to achieve exceptional press performance.

The main purpose of a remote plate room audit is to ensure that plate sizes and thicknesses are maintained within specification. Customers contact us to correct process situations and avoid issues that would otherwise have become critical to platemaking capability. We’ve had 100% success in resolving issues raised on calls and have also discovered some unexpected benefits from taking a virtual approach.

Wider benefits for the print operation

  • Operator Training: We review concepts of FLEXCEL NX Technology during the audit, to keep each operator updated with current best practices. This helps to maximize efficiencies.
  • Improved Imaging Quality: If w detect a deviation in workflow during the audit, we can then perform remote verification and instrument calibration.
  • Identifying Solvent & PLE Issues: The audit can help quickly identify problems with a solvent so we can make the needed adjustment in the plate process. We perform actions such as adjusting viscometer (PLE), measurement of Brix degrees and adjustment of washing speed to finalize the proper setting for solvent balance and optimize productivity of the processor.
  • PM (Preventative Maintenance) time: We can detect a fault in the configuration of equipment that affects the plate process. Our experience allows us to urgently recommend a PM action to address the issues, and the steps needed to perform the task.
  • Process Optimization: The agility of the remote process compliments the quality of our product. We can quickly respond to customer needs in a stable and productive setting.

We have found that customers appreciate and value our remote support activities to keep their plates stable and at a high level of quality. Remote audits also provide improved access to Miraclon technical specialists and help customers expand their vision to improve their process, as well as keeping their team updated.

How to prepare for and review a remote audit

A remote audit is extremely useful, but preparation is key to getting the most benefit out of the process:

  • Your Miraclon team member will review he case and create a plan for the resources required
  • Your Miraclon team member will work with out to review the software application platforms in place that will allow for webcam and effective content sharing.
  • Once plans are in place, the Miraclon team member will confirm the date to carry out the audit. As with an on-site audit, it is extremely important that all your personnel involved can be fully available that day to be focused on the activity and ensure a fluent communication. Consider options with the Miraclon team member to get everyone on the same communication thread before the day of the audit, for the purposes of sharing pictures, recording results, and questions and answers.
  • Finally, after the audit, your Miraclon team member will have a final meeting with you to discuss the results and give feedback.

Developing our remote service

Remote audits have helped us maintain our connection with customers when on-site visits haven’t been possible, providing great process benefits and delivering the same level of satisfaction as in-person visits.

“In recent months, I’ve performed 12 Remote Audits for LAR regional clients, gaining knowledge on the correct use of the available virtual tools and adapting techniques to better employ them.” -Nicolas Castrato


In some cases, better results may be gained through the remote audit, as more time is spent in preparing for the audit. Going forward, we’ll work to identify new technology that can provide even more benefits, such as augmented reality tools like smart glasses and improvements in connectivity with remote diagnostics, to further enhance the customer experience and our service capability.

Guide to Remote Audits

Carlos and Nicolas say:

“The main purpose of a remote plateroom audit is to ensure that plate sizes and thicknesses are maintained within specification. Customers contact us to correct process situations and avoid issues that would otherwise have become critical to platemaking capability.”

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