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Devi Graphics expands into flexo with KODAK FLEXCEL NX System


Efficiency, consistency and reliability of FLEXCEL NX System support customers’ growing transition to flexo

Devi Graphics, located in Chandigarh, India, has added flexo to its otherwise offset prepress offering with their recent investment in a FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon. Installed and supported through Monotech Limited, the system was chosen for its robustness and consistency of imaging, as well as the reliability and quality it offers.

The company, established in 2005 by Tilak Raj, and with day-to-day operations now managed by his daughters, Janvi and Kaveri Satija, is conveniently located in a tri-city area that is better known as ‘Press Site’ for its wealth of local print and packaging businesses – from brands to prepress to consumables and production. Says Kaveri: “Over the past few years we have steadily seen more and more printers invest in flexo presses, while brands are increasingly shifting their offset work to flexo. There was a growing requirement for narrow- and mid-web flexo plates to be provided locally, so it made strategic sense to expand our offering.”

The decision for Devi Graphics to invest in a FLEXCEL NX System was based on a thorough ROI investigation, which included reviewing the on-press efficiency, precision and quality that they would be able to offer their customers. “We’ve built a solid, trusting relationship with Monotech Limited over the years, so when they suggested we look at FLEXCEL NX Technology, we immediately organized a demo,” continues Janvi. “We were quickly convinced that the FLEXCEL NX Mid System was the best option for us; it’s a proven technology with a system that offers excellent robustness, productivity and imaging consistency. Furthermore, its advanced plate surface patterning options give us a distinct technological advantage that addresses the efficiency, precision and quality requirements of our customers.”

The sisters are excited about this next chapter for Devi Graphics: “With the FLEXCEL NX System, we are well-positioned to support our customers as they take on more narrow-web and mid-web flexo jobs, which is already proving to offer an edge over offset for short, medium and long runs,” concludes Kaveri. “And, as so many of them already know and value the efficiency and quality benefits that FLEXCEL NX Plates bring to the press room, it makes our job just that much easier.”