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Creative Graphics continues driving productivity and plate consistency with investment in multiple Shine LED Lamp Kits


One of South Asia’s largest trade shop suppliers of digital flexographic plates, Creative Graphics, has invested in five Shine LED Lamp Kits, innovated by Miraclon, at drupa 2024. The investment will, according to founder and CEO Deepanshu Goel, “enable us to transition our plate exposure units to LED technology and, thanks to the Shine LED Lamp Kits, immediately reap the operational cost benefits it offers at a fraction of the capital investment cost of a new LED exposure system.”

This latest investment from Miraclon is part of Creative Graphics’ ongoing goal to enhance the company’s flexo prepress capabilities. Goel continued:

The LED exposed plates will standardize plate uniformity across all exposure systems to deliver a more consistent plate, eliminating the variability associated with UV fluorescent tubes. It will also save us time and subsequently deliver energy savings.

The Shine LED Lamp Kit is Miraclon’s innovative solution to providing fluorescent users with a simple, low-cost route from inconsistent fluorescent exposure to the multiple advantages of LED technology. By utilizing customers’ existing fluorescent exposure frames, for a fraction of the cost of a new LED exposure unit users benefit from consistent, predictable intensity over a much longer operating life (up to 5,000 hours compared to 800 hours for fluorescent tubes), faster exposures, and enhanced sustainability performance. These features won the Shine LED Lamp Kit a unique double at this year’s FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards, winning top awards for both Sustainability and Technical Innovation.