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A winning partnership – Sunshine FPC awarded 9th FTA Best of Show Award with Trisoft Graphics


California-based Sunshine FPC just picked up yet another Best of Show for flexible packaging print excellence – this time in the mid web category - for their stunning Eton Mess with Chargrilled Figs wrapper.

We caught up with James Chuang, Sunshine FPC, President and Tristan Zafra, Trisoft Graphics, Owner to asked them about some of the technical print challenges they overcame and the importance of collaboration.

Q – How was your Best of Show Award winning print application printed?

It is a 7 Color process job printed on Sunshine FPC W&H mid-web press using Trisoft’ s FleXtreme PLUS+ Prepress & KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates.

Q – Were there any obstacles you had to overcome to meet the needs of the client?

In today’s world consumers expect perfection when it comes to branding images. Being compared to gravure quality from Europe and Asia is quite common amongst print buyers. Especially regarding color strength for solvent-based inks.

Perfection means all components being optimized. There are always concerns regarding ink viscosity being too high, pH too high (water-based ink), Ink pigmentation too high or too low, identifying the appropriate anilox cell volume for the application, or that the pressure roller setting is inadequate.

Yet we have to find the solution without compromising quality. It truly takes a team, much like an orchestra to work in harmony and overcome ink control management issues, data management for viscosity, colorant strength, adjust impression to match target, etc…. It took commitment and effort. The management of data and developing good habits allows for an audit trail so we can maintain quality print consistently.

Q – Why do you think Sunshine FPC print application won a Best of Show?

It was a collaborative effort to deliver the technical achievements in tonal range, vibrancy of color, and consistency of quality for running two impressions across the web.

Q – What makes Sunshine and Trisoft such a winning duo for the past 9 years of Best of Show awards?

Honest belief that we can do great things together. Trust, teamwork, and a genuine long-term strategic partnership.